As a digital consultancy company, we deliver individual, tailored online marketing solutions to generate growth.

If you are thinking about combining media, data and technology in order to make better business decisions, you have come to the right place.


Google Marketing Platform Certified



John Leggy helps Advertisers go through the digital transformation process. We are able to plan and execute the whole MartTech implementation process, design the way of gathering data from website and online campaigns, prepare environment to generate insights from customers behaviour and propose solutions how to transform those insights into real business results. To meet our customer needs, we offer 3 different implementation packages:


Google Tag Manager – account creation and configuration; creating necessary rules and macros; implementation of Google Analytics, Google Ads and Floodlight measurement tags; preparing schema and documentation for change management; trainings.

Google Analytics – setup of property and reporting view; goals definition; implementation of e-commerce module; events and forms tracking; custom traffic sources mapping; definition of custom channel grouping; setting up basic dashboards and custom reports; trainings. READ MORE >>

[GMP] Campaign Manager – network configuration, floodlight definition, configuration and implementation (including custom variables); audience creation, preparing trafficking schema; documentation; trainings.

[GMP] Search Ads 360 – Advertiser creation and configuration; Floodlight adjustments; Google Ads account synchronization and GA connection, basic settings, executive report templates creation, implementing bidding strategies & automated rules, post-implementation checks and recommendations; trainings.

[GMP] Display&Video 360 – account creation and configuration; linking with CM; audience creation; preparing trafficking schema; trainings.

The idea of basic implementation is to create a robust, flexible environment, 100% advertiser ownership to execute basic full-stack online marketing strategies.



[GMP] API Management – configuration of automatic data transfer from CM, SA360, DV360, GA360 to Google Big Query (using Google native connector and service or customized Cloud application); access to big data in order to make custom attribution modelling, prepare advanced analysis or tools to improve media buying decisions; trainings.

OFFLINE CONVERSIONS – configuration of offline conversion upload to GA360 Campaign Manager or Search Ads 360; trainings.

DATA DRIVEN ATTRIBUTION – calculation and implementation of data driven attribution models based on Markov Chains; implementing budget split optimization; trainings.

ANALYTICAL DATA BASE (GOOGLE CLOUD SQL) – preparation of dedicated, analytical databases with online marketing data, offline data and cost data; provision of dedicated application to attribute cost data to each media channel. Access to data base from any analytical tool including Google Data Studio, Tableau or Excel.

DATA VISUALIZATION – preparation of interactive analytical dashboards in Google Data Studio or Tableau in order to faster analyze online campaign data and make better decisions.

The idea of advanced implementation package is to create an environment that offers easy access to all online campaign insights that can be meaningful from the decision makers perspective and to allow to easily transform those insights into optimization actions.




FRAUD DETECTION – on landing pages where users leave their data (generate leads) custom JS code is installed to report to Google Cloud SQL database more than 60 user behaviour variables. Based on that variables and historical data about quality of leads (reported offline by advertiser) a prediction is made about probability of success (proper lead quality). The probability is send to Advertiser Call Centre for proper lead management.

EMAIL AND PHONE VERIFICATION – in order to ensure highest quality of contacts delivered to Advertisers, we have developed a tool, which in real time is checking whether the values input by user are correct.

EXTERNAL DMP INTEGRATION – collecting data from external data providers and saving them in Google Big Query near GMP 1st party data from GA360. Ability to enrich data with user behaviour from all over the Internet.

AI MODELS USING GOOGLE CLOUD MACHINE LEARNING – to solve custom advertiser’s challenges or to automate processes.

The idea of pro implementation package is a constant search for technology solutions to be a step ahead of competition.



John Leggy is able to solve or correctly address to Google Engineers all technical issues related to supported products (Campaign Manager, SearchAds 360, DV360, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio). Our Technical Specialists are available on chat, email or phone.



Apart from full implementation packages, John Leggy also offers trainings as a standalone service. Our trainers are experienced product experts. They can demonstrate how each technology works and how to drive maximum results using it. Our mission is to show strengths and weaknesses of each solution to make the clients expectations real.

Currently, we offer trainings in the following topics:


(introduction to online campaign tracking, traffic sources and the nature of data; measurement techniques; technologies available on the market)


(data gathering, dimensions and metrics, basic reports, basic GA configuration)

(segments, User ID, custom dimensions and variables, enhanced e-commerce, external data sources, attribution)


(what is a/b testing, available tools, introduction to Google Optimize, basic test definition, data collection and results analysis)


(introduction to Google Tag Manager; implementation of basic codes; variables, macros, tags and rules; advanced options and best practices)


(introduction to the GMP ecosystem, CM features; Floodlight – idea, settings and implementation, custom variables; audiences; reporting – summary, custom reports and attribution)


(overview of trafficking option available in CM; how to prepare trafficking schema that is optimal for ad serving and reporting; advanced option of Campaign Manager ad server; active view and rich media metrics)

[GMP] Search Ads 360

(introduction to DS, integration with DCM; synchronization with Adwords; interface and features; basics settings (reports, remarketing, labels, formula columns); bidding strategies; offline data)


(the RTB ecosystem, technology and parties; buying methods – open market and deals. DV360 – interface, settings (advertiser, campaign, insertion order, creative, conversions, line item), data and targeting options, reporting)


(Introduction to data visualization, theory; technic of data presentation; data sources and nature of the data; Google Data Studio – workshops)


(theory – user journey; attribution in Campaign Manager and Google Analytics; path to conversions reports in CM; data driven modelling – Markov and Shapley models).



John Leggy provides optional media management services. Fee is based on trafficking services per campaign and tradedesk fee.


John Leggy is a digital consultancy company delivering individual, tailor-made online marketing solutions to generate business growth. We offer robust environments creation to execute sophisticated online marketing strategies and tactics aimed at achieving challenging results. We specialize in online marketing tools implementations, in such fields as ad serving, programmatic advertising, applied tracking, measurement, analytics, big data and artificial intelligence.

John Leggy is a team of digitally matured, experienced experts specialising in different marketing areas, inluding branding, strategy, performance, search, display, affiliates, mailings, social, programmatic and others. We saw a lot, had a chance to experiment and learned on real campaigns.


We always have our heads open, we try to find or create solutions that ideally fit your business.


Our consultants are not theoreticians – they are operationally involved in the topics the are talking about.

Ability to execute

We are able to transform ideas into actions, even in complex environments.


John Leggy is a certified Google Marketing Platform Partner for implementation and media management in CEE.
Currently we are looking for the following position:

To maintain the highest standard of provided services and to meet our client’s expectations, all inquiries are priced individually. In general, the fee depends on the hourly involvement of individual specialists, the complexity of the project, the number of participants in the training, the expected project completion time, etc. For detailed pricing, please contact us directly.


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